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Welcome Back!

Mike-PowersWelcome back students! With school already in full-swing, it is already shaping up to be another great year at North Tech. This summer several facility improvements and technology upgrades were put into place that will continue to enhance the dynamic learning environment at North Tech. Also, several new staff members have joined the North Tech community. They are:

Clarence Hines, Law Enforcement
Chelsey Johnson, Health Sciences
Christine Berg-Helmig, Early Childcare Assistant
Tim Keenan, Technical Specialist
Staff Changes Marla Simmons- Health Sciences
Wayne Gerler- Culinary Arts

Keep this thought in mind this year, You get out what you put into your education. So let's keep up the good work and make this another productive and positive school year!
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Attandance Makup Days

This year, due to a particularly severe winter resulting in an unusually high number of days off, we must revise and/or extend the school calendar for all SSD schools and sites.

  • At all SSD schools, the school year will be extended by three days. Students and staff will attend school on May 23, May 27 and May 28.
  • May 28 will be the last day of student attendance.
  • May 29 will be the last day of staff attendance.
  • Extended School Year (ESY) will begin on June 2.